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Public Improvement Plans

When the plat is submitted to the Planning Department for processing, the developer must arrange for drainage and paving plans to be submitted for review and approval to City Engineering Department, and water and wastewater plans are to be submitted to the Utilities Division. For those plats located in the ETJ, the Engineering Dept. will forward a copy of the drainage and paving plans to the· appropriate county road superintendent for review and comment. All engineered plans shall meet City standards.

Once the plans are approved as described and the plat meets all City ordinances and State law requirements, the plat will be approved by the Amarillo Planning and Zoning Commission. An agreement between the developer and the City will be executed that provides the public improvements at the developer's expense. During construction, the City Engineering Department will make inspections. After construction is completed and final inspections are made by the City Engineering Deparbnent, maintenance of the public facilities (i.e. street paving) will become the responsibility of the county in which the property is located. One year maintenance bonds are required for the public improvements after final acceptance.