Reminder all payment cards will be charged a 2.5% surcharge.

Drivers license required for all motor vehicle registration and title work.

Personal property delinquent taxes will accrue an additional 20% collection penalty on April 1, 2014. (Section 33.11(f) State of Texas property Tax Code)  This includes all business personal and mobile home delinquent tax account.


The tax assessor-collector is a public official elected on a countywide basis to a four year term of office. This official's principal responsibility is to collect taxes on county property for Randall County and for other taxing districts pursuant to inter local agreements. The tax assessor-collector calculates taxes on property and then tax bills are mailed to tax payers. The tax assessor-collector is also responsible for motor vehicle registrations and the collection of related fees and taxes. The tax assessor-collector is also the county voter registrar.

Mission: To serve through professional, accurate and courteous service; to efficiently collect and distribute revenue; to encourage and facilitate voter registration and participation.


Paying taxes online - You may pay your taxes online or by phone. You will need the following bureau code in order to pay by phone: 4685540.
To pay by phone please call 1-866-549-1010. There is a fee for this service.

Automobile RegistrationOnline Vehicle Registration - Randall County residents can renew registration for motor vehicles online in a fast and convenient way. There is a fee for this service.

Voter registration is now under the Elections Administrative Department. Click Here