Transfer of Title

How To Transfer A Title

The title must be transferred in the County of the purchaser, seller or the lien holder.
In order for a title to be transferred it must be free of all liens or the purchaser will have to assume responsibility for the existing lien.

Transfer a Texas Title

A Texas title with the signature of the recorded owner(s) on the back of the title seller's line and the signature of purchaser(s) on buyer's line.
Date of sale on back of title.
Current odometer reading required on any self propelled vehicle ten years or less in age.
An Application for Texas Certificate of Title form with the recorded owner(s) signature.
Purchaser's proof of insurance in purchaser's name.

Required Fees

Texas title fee of $28.00.
Sales tax (6.25%) of net sales price, gift tax, even trade fee or presumptive value.
Registration fee or a $2.50 transfer fee if it has a current sticker.

Out of State Title Transfer