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Contact Information

Mailing Address
Property Taxes:
PO Box 9514
Amarillo, TX 79105-9514
Make checks payable to
Christina McMurray

Motor Vehicle:
PO Box 997
Canyon, TX 79015-0997
Make checks payable to
Christina McMurray

Office Locations

Main Office
501 16th St Ste. 200
Canyon, TX 79015
(806)468-5540 - Phone
(806)468-5541 - Fax

Amarillo Annex
4320 S. Western St. Ste 100
Amarillo, TX 79109
(806)468-5654 - Phone
(806)468-5657 - Fax

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Holiday Schedule

Property Tax Information

Delinquent Tax Attorney

Perdue, Brandon, Fielder, Collins & Mott, LLP 
PO Box 9132
Canyon, TX 79015-9132
(806) 359-3188 Phone
(806) 359-5126 Fax


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Districts Randall Collects For

Amarillo Independent School District - 16
Amarillo Junior College District - 18
Bushland Independent School District - 4
Canyon Independent School District - 8
City of Amarillo - 19
City of Canyon - 9
High Plains Water District #1 - 5
Randall County - 3
Randall County Noxious Weed District - 7
South Randall County Hospital District - 6
Village of Palisades - 15
Village of Timbercreek - 10
Public Improvement Districts (PID) Assessments for City of Amarillo are as follows:

  • Greenways - 101
  • Colonies - 103
  • Tutbury - 104
  • Redstone - 108
  • Town Square - 109
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Tax payers may qualify to receive an exemption on their property. Please call the Potter-Randall Appraisal District on how to qualify for exemptions. Their phone number is (806) 358-1601. You can refer to their website: www.prad.org.

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Mobile Home Statement

A mobile home statement is a document showing taxes have been paid from the date of sale of the mobile home and the prior 18 months. A mobile home statement is requested from the tax office. If any taxes are due, then the taxes must be paid with certified funds. There is no charge for the mobile home statement.

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Penalty and Interest Schedule

Property tax statements are mailed by October 1. They are due upon receipt and no later than January 31 of the following year. Penalty and interest accrue beginning February 1.

January 0%
February 7%*
March 9%
April 11%
May 13%
June 15%

Beginning July the penalty and interest is 18% along with an additional collection fee of 20%.

*Beginning February 1, if your account is under suit, then an additional 15% collection fee will apply from February through June. All delinquent business personal or mobile home accounts will increase to 20% collection fee beninning April 1. Real estate and oil and gas accounts will increase to 20% collection fee beginning July 1.

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Tax Certificates

Anyone may request and receive a tax certificate on a property. The tax certificate will show the amount of delinquent taxes, penalties and interest due on a property according to current tax records. Since our office collects for more than one taxing unit, it must show the amount for each taxing unit.

If there are no taxes due, the tax certificate will show a zero amount. If there are taxes due, and you want the tax certificate to show a zero amount, you must pay the taxes with cash, certified funds or wait (10) working days for your check to clear.

The fee for the tax certificate is $10.00. The fee must be paid with certified funds at the time the tax certificate is picked up.

You may request and pick up a tax certificate at either location. We accept e-mail requests for tax certificates. The email address is rantc@randallcounty.com. Please indicate in your email whether you will pick up the tax certificate at the Canyon or Amarillo location.

If you have any questions regarding tax certificates, please call 806-468-5540.

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