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Contact Information

Mailing Address
Property Taxes:
PO Box 9514
Amarillo, TX 79105-9514
Make checks payable to
Christina McMurray

Motor Vehicle:
PO Box 997
Canyon, TX 79015-0997
Make checks payable to
Christina McMurray

Office Locations

Main Office
501 16th St Ste. 200
Canyon, TX 79015
(806)468-5540 - Phone
(806)468-5541 - Fax

Amarillo Annex
4320 S. Western St. Ste 100
Amarillo, TX 79109
(806)468-5654 - Phone
(806)468-5657 - Fax

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Holiday Schedule

Sheriff Sale and Trustee Property

Bidder Registration

For the bidder registration click here

Sheriff Sale

We have two Sheriff Sales a year. One in April and one in August. They are the first Tuesday of the month. You do have to register in order to bid.

For the properties and sale information for the next Sherifff Sale click here.

Trustee Property

For the list of struck off properties to the districts click here